About the hotel

The Piast Hotel is located in the centre of Wroclaw in front of the Main Railway Station and near the Coach Station.
Hotel Piast reception is opened round the clock. In the hotel there is a “Bistro Station” – self-service restaurant, two conference rooms and luggage storage.
For cars and taxi the homestrech is from the Rejtana street.

Polski Kapitał

Hotel belongs to the chain Wroclaw Historic Hotels which is a part of the POLISH capital group DEXPOL S.A.

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The Piast Hotel has to your disposal 92 air-conditioned rooms:

  • 67 twin rooms ( including 1 for disabled)
  • 16 double rooms;,
  • 9 single rooms

The Hotel capacity is 175 beds.

We offer rooms customized to your needs.
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Brief history

Hotel Piast – ul. Piłsudskiego 98;  former „Kronprinz” Hotel (until 1945), former Hostel DW Piast (until 2013)


Development of this part of świdnickie suburbs fostered construction of new buildings. The first building constructed within the property Am Oberschlesischen Banhof 26-27 was the State Archive built in 1876 according to the design of Colmar Grünhagen. The premises started to be non-functional and too small very soon. In 1906 the institution was moved to the newly constructed building at ul. Szczytnicka (currently, it does not exist).

The property was bought by Wrocławski Bank Budowlany (Wrocław Construction Bank) (Breslauer Baubank) which in 1908, after tearing down the former archive, built the most elegant hotel in the city according to the design of Waldemar Mildbradt. Constructed in the classicistic style, the five-storey building with a usable attic was very successfully incorporated into the surrounding buildings at the junction of two main streets of this region.

The most characteristic element, making it easier to identify the hotel, is the semicircular tower located in the corner and slightly backwards in comparison with the building’s face; it is covered with a conical roof and comprises a staircase lighted with large windows. It overlooks two five-storey wings covered with a mansard roof. The five-bay northern wing was moved backwards from the line of ul. Kołłątaja buildings and the nine-bay western one located on the side of ul. Piłsudskiego was in the buildings line. The simple facade was complemented with balconies situated on the second floor, garlands made of stone under the windows of the third floor, banded rustication and pilaster strips spreading from the second to the fourth floor. On the ground floor, the front premises were designated for trade activity and the ones further in the building – for a restaurant.

In the 1930s on the side of ul. Ogrodowa, the hotel was occupied by Deutsche Bank, hairdresser’s, florist’s and a travel agency. On the side of ul. Kołłątaja one of the four ‘Residenz Drogerie Oskar Sabiers’ was situated. Subsequent floors housed offices, club premises, a breakfast room, a reading room and 56 guest rooms. Kronprinz Hotel together with the neighbouring Du Nord Hotel formed a characteristic gate leading to the historical city centre.

The warfare spared the hotel although, according to people who were the first to settle the city, it was empty for a long period of time and all of its equipment was gradually stolen away. After the hotel was developed and given a new name, ‘PIAST’, it started to receive guests whom it did not lack due to proximity of the railway station. During the Exhibition of the Reclaimed Territories the hotel was advertised as the 1st-category hotel for 140 guests and together with the neighbouring Grand Hotel constituted an information and tourist centre for the exhibition visitors.

However, less than 15 years was enough for its rank to be decreased to the second category. Until the end of 1990ies the hotel was a property of the Company Odra Tourist.

Actually the Company COHM Ltd manage the Piast Hotel and the neighborly hotels Euuropejski and Polonia. Until July 2013 the Piast Hotel worked as the DW PIast Hostel, offering 184 places in dormitories.In 2014 the thorough refurbishment was made, which restored this antique, beautiful house its former brilliance.

Today, sharing tradition with medernity the Piast hotel offers 92 air conditioned rooms, restaurant and 2 conference rooms.